Things to Do in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is a beautiful, fragile territory that will bewitch you.  Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea will refresh your soul.  Walking through the villages will engage your imagination.  You can spend all day doing active, outdoor activities or relax in the sun with a good book.  Do both or neither! The best part of a Cinque Terre vacation is that there is no pressure.

Even after 25 years living here, I still am discovering new things to do, people to meet and places to discover.  Here are some of my favorite things to do in Cinque Terre:

Hike the trails

  • Vernazza to Reggio Sanctuary
  • Vernazza to Corniglia or take the train to Corniglia and hike back to Vernazza
  • Walk the seaside “Via del Mare” that hugs the coastline in Framura
  • Walk from Levanto to Monterosso

Explore the villages

  • Wander on the small lanes and narrow alleyways called “caruggi” to see interesting statues, carvings, and doorways as you marvel at the verticality of the houses

Swim in the sparkling turquoise Mediterranean Sea

  • Dive into the sea from “Ventegà“, the pier where the ferry boat docks in Vernazza
  • Dive off the rocks around Manarola’s marina
  • Spend the day on a lounger under an umbrella at a beach club in Monterosso, Levanto or Bonassola

Bike or walk the Levanto-Bonassola-Framura seaside promenade

Visit Portovenere by ferry to see the Cinque Terre coastline and hike around Palmaria Island

Take a private boat tour to discover hidden coves, swim in the open water and see the entire Cinque Terre coastline from the water

Eat the world’s best pesto and anchovies

Drink Cinque Terre DOC White wine and Sciacchetrà to taste our territory

  • Try “Cheo” delicious white or red wines by Vernazza’s only wine producer
  • Try “Prima Terra” white or red wine by Walter De Battè, a phenomenal wine maker
  • Try “Litan” Cinque Terre White wine for its intense color with dry mineral taste

Do a Day Trip to explore La Spezia, Lucca, Carrara, Genova and San Fruttuoso and Portofino

If you stay at one of our two vacation rental properties in Vernazza, CARATTINO 12 and IL CIASSO,’ you will receive the complete “Ruth’s Guide to Cinque Terre” with all my tips and detailed recommendations to help you plan the best vacation.  

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  1. How much is the guide? Need all the info i can get. We will be in Florence for 2 days on a cruise and really want to see Cinque Terre. We were thinking train from Livorno port to La Spezia and either trains or boats to like the 3 best stops. Preferably one with the most beautiful beach and you mentioned eating the best pesto- where? Im desperate for more info. Cant find much. Can we do this on our own or you recommend a tour? I would greatly appreciate all the help i can get! Thanks so much!

    1. We are also on a cruise in Sept. and will be in port for 2 days and would also love to see Cinque Terre but afraid we wont have enough time. We would consider staying in Florence for the night then going to Cinque Terre or vice a versa.

      1. Hello Bernice,
        If you need help organizing a day trip to Cinque Terre with a guide, or fun activities like guided electric bike tours, guided hiking, wine tasting or other activities is to contact my husband Cristiano ( who is an expert travel advisor who runs a boutique travel agency specializing in Cinque Terre and Italy:

    2. Thanks so much for your interest! Ruth’s Guide to Cinque Terre is for our guests but you have two options:
      *follow me on Instagram @cinqueterrevacation for ideas and suggestions
      *for customized travel planning (car service; boat tour; activities, etc.), contact the world’s best travel advisor, my husband Cristiano: He runs boutique travel agency: with focus on travel to the Cinque Terre and Italy.

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